The Full Spectrum

Lifted LED fixtures provide the full-spectrum straight out of the box with options that can flex to match your unique growing conditions.

A Powerful Combination

Full-spectrum LEDs

White light for a better workspace

Until now, switching to LED grow lights has meant embracing the "pink glow." For growers used to less-efficient but whiter HID or metal halide grow lights, it could be a sacrifice. Experientially, the white light simply creates a more pleasant work environment.

Now, with Lifted's full spectrum LEDs, growers can gain the spectral distribution and efficiency of LED AND keep the white light. Win-win.

And, while growers appreciate the ambiance, the white light also helps to highlight any problems arising with pests, disease or other issues that might remain less visible under the pinkish hue.

Which combination is right for your grow space?

Find Your LED Grow Light

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