The Full Spectrum

Incorporating advances in LED technology from other industries, we've developed the most advanced spectrum available in a single fixture.

Experienced growers know that emphasizing light in the 440 (blue) range is critical for vegetative growth while the 660 (red) range intensifies bloom. (This is where our wireless app is especially helpful!)

Unfortunately, many LED grow light manufacturers stop there, relying solely on the red and blue wavelengths to (try to) do the work of the full PAR spectrum. While it's true that leaves don't rely on the central green and yellow wavelengths as much for photosynthesis, ignoring those wavelengths still means your grow room lacks the spectral range needed to maximize both veg and bloom.

The Lifted LED Approach

We began building our City Series spectrum with four bands of optimal PAR wavelengths, drawing on the power of the most advanced discrete LEDs to cover the most productive spectral ranges. To that foundation, we've added both infrared (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) LEDs, further increasing PPFD.

If we stopped there, we would already have a strong spectrum for growth. However, drawing on our experience with architectural lighting, we realized that we could take the spectrum to the next level with a single addition: the full spectrum COB.

Discrete LEDs and central COB LED on each grow light module

Placed at the center of each module, the large white COB LED enhances the critical PAR bands as well as those underserved bands that plants still utilize. So, while we have six specified bands, the revolutionary broad-spectrum LED actually delivers every band in the spectrum, adding peaks of red and blue in the process.

COBs are also very efficient because, as you'd imagine, one larger LED clearly outperforms many smaller LEDs. The result is that Lifted's lights simply deliver higher PPFD than other lights on the market.

City 9 LED Grow Light

City 9

Actual Wattage: 358w
HID Wattage Equivalent: 600w
2600 PPFD (μmoles/m2/s) at 12"
885 PPFD (μmoles/m2/s) at 24"

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City 14 LED Grow Light

City 14

Actual Wattage: 644w
HID Wattage Equivalent: 1000w
2700 PPFD (μmoles/m2/s) at 12"
1250 PPFD (μmoles/m2/s) at 24”

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It's Good for Growers

White light also makes a better workspace

Until now, switching to LED grow lights has meant embracing the "pink glow." For growers used to less-efficient but whiter HID or metal halide grow lights, it could be a sacrifice. Experientially, the white light simply creates a more pleasant work environment.

Now, with Lifted's full spectrum LEDs, growers can gain the spectral distribution and efficiency of LED AND keep the white light. Win-win.

And, while growers appreciate the ambiance, the white light also helps to highlight any problems arising with pests, disease or other issues that might remain less visible under the pinkish hue.

Which combination is right for your grow space?

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