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"I've used several different brands of LED grow lights but growing with Lifted is like growing at another level."
- C. Rowling, Grower, Albuquerque, NM

As lighting designers, we've witnessed and even participated in the amazing advances LED technology has made over the past ten years. With customers consistently asking us for our take on grow lights, we realized it was time to apply our expertise to the grow room to help move forward the technology that we believe is already revolutionizing the growing experience.

So, over the past two years, we've been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of LED grow lights, building on existing technology to increase yields and give growers more power and more flexibility through tools that, up till now, were simply not available.

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Innovation = Greater Yield

In the end, yield is what a grower is after, but not at any price. Before LEDs, yield required sacrifices such as use of inefficient lamps, high energy costs, and frequent maintenance. In other words, a lot of waste.

While LEDs have largely addressed those issues, we felt the technology could be pushed further to create even greater yield. So, we made it happen.

Original Spectrum

Original Spectrum

PPFD Spectrum

PPFD Spectrum

Weighted Spectrum

Weighted Spectrum

Full Wireless Control

Perhaps the most exciting innovation for the serious grower is our patented airCOM communications protocol that gives the sophisticated grower the power to adjust each fixture to accommodate different strains or growing cycles.

Lifted's intuitive app allows you to change your lighting recipe and experiment with light combinations to maximize the output of your strain using just a smartphone or tablet!

Read more about Lifted's wireless control.

Full Spectral Distribution

Of course our fixtures address the PAR-critical 440 and 660 regions of the spectrum, but with the addition of our true full spectrum COB LEDs as well as the discrete UV and IR LEDs, plants enjoy a rich spectral distribution while growers appreciate the white light that's both nice to work under and helpful in recognizing pests and disease.

More about Lifted's full spectral distribution

Advanced Optics

We then dialed in that light distribution through custom optical design for both the central COB and each discrete LED in every module, creating an optical pattern that allows growers to maximize the available light exactly where it's needed.

Experience Matters

Apart from our 10 years of working with LEDs, we have over 24 years of experience in the design and manufacture of architectural lighting. In other words, we know what works.

We also know that a lot of growers have gotten burned with less than stellar LED performance coming from products that probably should never have reached the market. But, why make a product you don't sincerely believe is the best?

So, since we have the ability to make products the way we want, we are. And we do believe they're the highest quality, longest lasting, and most robust LED grow lights available.

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