Terms and Conditions

Warranty and Returns

Lifted LED products are warranted against defective materials and/or workmanship to original owners from the date of original purchase for 1 year of ownership by the original consumer. In the event of defective materials and/or workmanship, Lifted LED, LLC, will, without charge for parts or labor, repair or replace, at its option, the defective product for one (1) year after purchase; after one year, the customer will be responsible for labor and parts.  Shipping of the defective product to Lifted LED is the sole responsibility of the customer. Return shipping of the repaired light is covered by Lifted LED up to $50 per fixture for the first year after purchase. In the first year after purchase, if return shipping will exceed $50, the customer will be notified and are responsible for paying any amount of shipping over $50 prior to the product being shipped back to the customer. After one year, the customer is responsible for paying for return shipping prior to the product being shipped back to the customer. The Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from improper care, housings that have been opened, misuse, shipping damage or normal wear and tear, which includes but is not limited to 2% or less of LEDs not lighting, improper installation, and/or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance, improperly packaging and shipping the light back to Lifted LED, etc.

Shipping Fees

Freight allowed on orders over $10,000. For international shipping, shipping rates do not cover customs fees.

Non LED Grow Lights

Items sold by Lifted LED other than LED Grow Lights are final sale unless defective or damaged when received.

Shipping Damage

Shipping damage and defective products must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of shipment (not including weekends and holidays).


Cancellations are only offered in the event that your item has not yet shipped. If your product has not yet shipped, it can be cancelled at a 50% restocking fee.