Wireless Control

Where LED lighting designers have been able to define the overall spectral range of a fixture, Lifted LED growers can now customize individual fixtures themselves to match their precise growing needs.

As LED grow light technology has matured, one of the exciting developments has been the ability to maximize spectral bands for both vegetation and flowering/fruiting states. Emphasizing blues and reds together, growers could address plants' general photosynthetic needs.

However, the spectral needs of a plant in the veg state are not the same as in the flowering state. Nor do greens have the same light needs as those of tomatoes or cannabis. Put simply, one spectrum "size" doesn't fit all.

Various spectra in a grow room

Own Your Spectrum

Enter Lifted LED's wireless control.

Now, each Lifted LED fixture in your grow space can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet to maximize the spectral output in its footprint. Need to promote vegetation? Fruiting? With the tap of a button, app presets update the fixture's PPF for the most common growing states. Or, growers can leave the settings alone and enjoy our propriety Spectramax Blend for maximum output across the spectrum.

The sophisticated grower can further adjust each fixture using the app's built-in sliders, dialing in the spectrum for different strains or growing cycles. Fine tune your lighting recipe. Program DLI. Experiment with light combinations. Maximize production.

Connect with Ease

Using our patented AirCom communication protocol, each Lifted fixture emits a wireless signal that your Android/iOS phone or tablet can access. 

Refine the spectra. Set timers. Check fixture status and temperature. Calibrate lights.

Using the Lifted app, your device becomes your grow room's dashboard. We look forward to hearing what you do with it.

So, which lights are right for your grow space?

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