The EXPRESSWAY is a super light, high performance full spectrum LED grow light. Available in 90w (1 bar), 330 watt (4 bars), 650 watt(8 bars) and 1000 Watts (10 bars) versions.  The Express way combines 3000 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin and high performance 660nm RED Osram and Samsung LEDs for the perfect spectrum.  0-10v control is optional allowing growers the ability to fine tune the PPFD for each type of plant at each stage. 

 Expressway 90 Spec Sheet

Expressway 330 Spec Sheet

Expressway 650 Spec Sheet

Expressway 1K Spec Sheet

Advanced Growing Power

Building on the efficiency and flexibility of today's best LEDs, the EXPRESSWAY delivers the most light in the spectrum precisely where plants need it at a fraction of the energy demands of previous grow lights. The LED array delivers a powerful full-spectrum light for plants, and a pleasing light for growers.

Growers can plug and grow full-spectrum out-of-the-box with the default Spectramax setting. Optional 0-10v control can give growers access to remote dimming or use the dimming knob on each fixture for local control. 

5 Year Warranty

Lifted LED warrants against defects in materials and/or workmanship in our products for a period of 5 years. Read More


Expressway is DLC and ETL listed.


Expressway specification sheet